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We are the NUMBER ONE medical marijuana delivery service in Southern California.


We provide residents of West Los Angeles with the best medical marijuana that California has to offer. And we’re at your door faster than you can get a pizza delivered. Plus, our donations are comparable, if not lower, than most dispensaries. And best of all, we save you the drive! Stop getting frustrated by having to drive in this city. Sounds good so far?

What’s the story about you guys?

We started LA Medical Delivery because at the time there were no quality s.b. 420 medical marijuana delivery services on the West Side of LA. The services that were around usually took hours to get to you and delivered a not close to high quality product. We found a way to provide nothing but top shelf medical marijuana and get it to you in half an hour or less. We also provided something that you don’t get walking into a dispensary: anonymity. You could finally get your medicine in a completely private way. There may not be a stigma walking into a pharmacy, but being seen walking into a dispensary can still cause problems.

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Sure you guys have the best medicine. That’s what everybody says.

Every marijuana delivery service claims to have the best, but will they post hi res pictures for the world to see? In a word, no. And if they do post pictures, the stuff looks like a piece of spinach that are blurry and hard to see. We want our pictures to be indicative of what you will get. When you get your delivery from us, your medicine will look like the photo. If it doesn’t then simply refuse the order. That has not happened yet, and it never will. We’re not trying to scam you. We just want you to know there are reputable services out there, and we are number one.


We deliver to the following areas


North West Side

Residing in the North end of the West Side of Los Angeles also causes issues. Yes, there are many dispensaries in the Santa Monica, Westwood and Beverly Hills / Bel Air service area, but do you really want to deal with all that traffic? Let us do the driving for you. Again we can deliver to your home or office in about 30 minutes. And you will finally get real medical grade cannabis. Our members in the North West Side usually want the best indica and indica hybrid strains, with Girl Scout Cookies, LA Confidential and Mars OG being current favorites, along with our edibles. Don’t get stuck in traffic anymore. Minimums for delivery range from 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz.


Beach Cities

If you live in the Beach Cities service areas of El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach, you have no local dispensary. If you don’t want to drive into another adjacent city, your only other option is a delivery service. Give us a call and we will have high quality medical grade marijuana delivered to you in record time. And no scary guys that look like they just got out of Folsom will make that delivery either. Our Beach cities members seem to favor high quality sativa marijuana strains overall, with some of the most popular being Blue Dream, Sour Diesel and Durban Poison. Minimums for delivery range from 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz.



If you are lucky enough to like in the Playa del ReyVista / Westchester or LAX service area, you are in for a treat. We have a 10 minute average delivery time for this region. No one provides better service here than we do. And instead of the local mid levele storefronts, you will get actual medical grade marijuana dropped off right to your home. Don’t waste your time waiting 2 hours for sub-par herb. We are a great solution if you are a student at LMU. The last thing you need is an administrator seeing you walk into a local dispensary. With us, there is zero chance of anything going wrong or being seen. Minimums for delivery range from 1/8 oz to 1/4 oz.


Dogtown Area

Venice and Marina del Rey service areas are notorious for their terrible parking. And most of the dispensaries in that region provide less than high quality product. Step up to medicinal indoor cannabis delivery right to your door in record time. We are Marina adjacent and can be down there in as fast as 15 minutes. Let any other delivery service try to match that. They won’t. The Dogtown crowd is extremely diverse. Our members there are all over the map with their strains, with Green Crack, Presidential OG, Jilly Bean and concentrates leading the list. Let us make a visit today and help you medicate faster. Minimums for delivery range from 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz.

Member Reviews

Here is what some of our members are saying

“I am a professional and the last thing I need is my partners or my clients watching me walk into a dispensary. LA Delivery takes care of that problem... Not to mention they have the best meds in town! I won't use any other service. There's just no one out there that can compare.”

Legal Eagle

“Paul and the crew have always taken care of me. They are usually here within 20 minutes, and I have never had them deliver anything that was less than a 9 out of 10. I tried other delivery services, but no one can beat their quality. If you like them half as much as me, you'll be very impressed.”

Old Roller

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