Medical grade marijuana is a far cry from any kind of commercial grade. It means the finest strains have been grown in scientific conditions, with a professional level of care given to the plants. It is like comparing a Ford to a Ferrari. They are both cars, but one is a POS and the other is a finely tuned race car. When your local dispensary claims they carry medical grade marijuana for $30/8th, you can be it’s anything but that. Why? Well….

1) Anyone can grow pot. It’s not too difficult. It’s just another weed. Put the seeds in the ground, give it some light, and in a little while you will have pot. I wouldn’t recommend you smoke that pot though, unless you want a nice headache. Unfortunately for those people, there is a lot more involved. What they end up with is nothing short of craptacular.

2) Not everyone can grow Medical Marijuana. If you don’t believe me, just go down to your local grow store. They are making a fortune off those that think they can just grow Medical Marijuana with no experience. They sell them 3-4 thousand dollars worth of lights and growing equipment, and people treat it just like in scenario 1. How does it work out? Usually, rather poorly. Why? Well….

3) Growing Medical Marijuana is an art form. Just like it takes time to master anything, growing Medical marijuana takes a long time to master. Why? Because there are an infinite amount of variable going on. Light intensity, temperature of the air, water and soil, CO2 levels, different foods to use, micro nutrients, and a host of other variables it takes sometimes years to understand. The best growers have been doing it for years, and are reluctant to share their secrets so you have to figure it out mostly on your own. Not an easy task.

4) It’s all about the seeds/cuttings. Most people just order seeds off the internet. That’s great if you want to play roulette with your crop. We get our CUTTINGS from reputable growers who actually have GSK, Durban Poison, Blue Dream and a host of killer top strains. They don’t give out their cuttings freely. In fact, most of the cuttings you get commercially are crap. The moms were not taken good care of, and the moms were not at least a year old. If your moms are less than a year old, the genetics are not mature enough and your clones will produce inferior bud. And those seed you paid top dollar for probably came across the border in a 100 kilo bag of South American schwag.

5) There is a reason for the price difference. You won’t find high end Medical Marijuana going for $30/8th. Why? Because it almost costs that much just to grow. No one is going to spend all that time growing just for charity’s sake. You get what you pay for, and when it’s BOGO (buy one get one), you can be guaranteed that it’s not even close to Medical Grade.

6) Look at Colorado. The pot they are selling for $500/oz is equal to the $250 oz bud in Los Angeles. Why? Because the best Medical Marijuana is grown in California. You can get good bud from other places, but it’s not California bud. And when you can sell it easily locally, why  risk shipping it across the US? The best Medical Marijuana stays in California. Other states get our leftovers.

So ask yourself, do you want to take some Molly by some Chinese knockoff company, or one by Phizer? I’ll take the Phizer. It costs more, but you know what’s in it and you do get what you pay for.